Social media is everywhere and it’s impossible to avoid it these days, especially if you work in media, or want to build a successful business. Everyone is on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook, etc. But not everyone knows how to use all of them well. Usually people concentrate on one thing, and use all the other social media just because they feel like they have to, but without really knowing how to use it to its full potential. Today, let’s talk about Instagram and some cool tricks to take your account to the next level.

1. Goals
First things first, you have got to pick a goal. Are you planning on making a personal Instagram account to promote yourself as a brand or is this a business account to promote certain products or services? You can’t mix the two. Like can you imagine random selfies on a business account? That would not work.

2. Theme
You’ve got to pick a theme, and by that I mean choose a certain style or color scheme. All of your pictures don’t have to look the same, but they do have to look cohesive together. So when people go to your profile they can see at a glance that you’ve got your sh*t together.