Stop sharing those gory death images

The Gleaner’s letter of the day posted today, highlights a disgusting problem on social media. This is the insensitive sharing of death images. Immediately after an accident or other gory deaths, the photos can often be seen on Facebook (primarily) and other social media channels. They are posted by persons seemingly hungry for likes and comments.

Posting these images is not only damaging to the memory of the victims and their families, but also can negatively impact the investigation process. Here is the letter from Errol McLeish that we strongly endorse:

From The Gleaner


There is a worrying trend permeating social media that’s distasteful and insensitive and a cause for concern. It relates to the distribution of images of gruesome crimes, and, in some cases, accident scenes of deceased persons.

This practice has caught the attention of authorities who have expressed concern not only about the potential damage such a practice might do to the investigative process because of the need to secure evidence, but it also demonstrates a level of insensitivity and disregard for the feelings of the relatives of deceased persons.

In a recent public meeting in Brown’s Town, St Ann, Herdith Black of the Victim Support Unit and Superintendent Wayne Cameron, head of the St Ann Police Division, in their contribution, urged citizens who were engaging in such practices to desist from doing so. This comes amid the revelation that the crime-scene photos of three-year-old Nevalesia Campbell, of Orange Hill, was being circulated in social media.

I can identify with the concern of the police and empathise with relatives of deceased persons because I, too, have had the experience of losing a loved one tragically, and my family and I had to subject ourselves to the agony of seeing the images of the crime scene posted on social websites.

While there might not be any law that restricts persons from engaging in these acts, we can only rely on moral suasion or a wake-up call for the perpetrators. Perhaps an unfortunate personal experience may help them understand the pain others have endured. This needs to stop!



Greater Portmore, St Catherine



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