Welcome to Yahjam SocialWelcome to Yahjam Social!

Yahjam Social is like a child that has lived with their parent all his life, and has now come of age and ready to move out. Well, we have already moved out (from Yahjam.com) and are now on our own here at YahjamSocial.com.

Here, we can focus on all things social media, including social media management, where we manage your social media accounts for a relatively low price. For example, our starting price for this feature is $99 per month, through which we manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts. That is only $3.30 per day to manage both accounts or $1.15 per day for each social media account. This low, introductory price will be raised soon after our official launch.

There are also Pinterest and Instagram management options as well.

In addition, Yahjam Social does social media advertising, promoting your brand on social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thirdly, web design and social media go hand in hand. You reap the greatest benefits from social media by having a website. The obverse is correct. You reap the greatest benefit from a website if you know how to use social media.

Yahjam Social, through our parent Yahjam Web Services, creates responsive (mobile friendly), search engine optimized websites. You can maximize your potential through search ranking and search engine optimization (SEO). For even more possibilities, check Yahjam for other services, including video marketing, graphic design and email marketing.

Welcome to Yahjam Social; thanks for visiting. Check out our prices here or get started here. You may also contact us here.

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